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Cambrian of Iowa

guide to the Cambrian strata and fossils of Iowa

Pictorial to fossils of Rockford, Iowa

identification guide to the world famous Upper Devonian Cerro Gordo Member fauna found at Rockford, Iowa

commomn rocks and fossils

self published guide to the common rocks and fossils of iowa

Fossils of Iowa, Field Guide to Paleozoic Deposits

Originally published in 1983 by the Iowa State University Press, this field guide is written primarily for amateurs in geological exploration and collecting. Robert Wolf provides a comprehensive coverage of more than 150 sites in Iowa and adjacent areas of Minnesota and Nebraska with the types of fossils found and precise directions. Excellent illustratons by Carol Ann Ratcilff aide in indentification. The book was reprinted in 2006 by For an update in site conditions and geological names since the book was first published contact the author through his e-mail address.

Iowa’s State Parks: Also Forests, Recreation Areas, and Preserves

“As I traveled throughout Iowa, gathering research for my earlier book, Fossils of Iowa, I frequently stopped at state parks along the way to break the monotony of driving. I soon became aware that Iowa has many beautiful parks where visitors can temporarily escape the problems of everyday life.” Note: Iowa's State Parks is out of print.