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non fiction, nature, earth science, Cambrian Period, Iowa, fossils, geology, paleontology
Iowa has a meager assemblage of upper Cambrian age fossils, here is a work on what I have collected
non fiction, earth science, fossils, Devonian Period, Cerro Gordo Member, Lime Creek Formation
since the 1850s the Rockford, Iowa area has been noted for its rich and diverse Upper Devonian fossils, here is a pictorial of my own collection
geological and paleontological guide, nature, iowa, earth science, fossils, rocks, minerals
pictorial to the common rocks and fossils found in the Iowa area which has outcrops of Cambrian to Pennsylvanian strata, as well as Jurassic, Cretaceous, and Pleistocene strata
Non fiction, geology, nature
Includes information on more than 150 collecting sites for the rockhound in Iowa and adjacent areas of Minnesota and Nebraska.
A comprehensive guide to Iowa’s state-owned parks, recreation areas, forests, and selected preserves.

Fossils of Iowa, Field Guide to Paleozoic Deposits

This book is a geological field guide written primarily for amateur collectors and students involved with paleontology. One hundred and fifty-eight sites are described through Iowa and adjacent parts of Minnesota and Nebraska, one hundred fifty sites of which were examined in person, Two hundred geological deposits are included, offering a comprehensive look at Paleozoic strata in the area.
Iowa has abundantly fossiliferous deposits from the Ordovician, Silurian, Devonian, Mississippian, and Pennsylvanian Periods. Faunas of the Cambrian and Permian Periods can be found just outside the state borders. Some of the fossil sites are internationally famous.
This book, with its strong emphasis on prehistoric life, is intended to help the reader better understand Paleozoic deposits in the state, assist in planning field trips, and aid in dating many exposures in this area that are not covered in the book.